CHIEF Volleyball is open to CHIEF girls, ages 11-18.  The season runs from end of July through October for all girls and the high school varsity team ends the season with the KCAA League tournament.

Philosophy: CHIEF Volleyball is a competitive volleyball program¦ however, we are not a win-at-all cost organization.  Our goal is to provide a balanced, high quality program where athletes can grow physically and spiritually and where Jesus Christ is honored in all respects.  We stress that all we do reflects who we are in Christ.  As such, we expect our players (and families) to be model athletes, exhibiting Christ-like behavior in all our interactions with our coaching staff, opponents, and referees.

Our home matches are played at the Beacon Center of Lighthouse Baptist Church located at 308 Lincoln Avenue in St. George.

All game and practice dates can be found on the CHIEF calendar.  Click HERE to view. 

Todd Steinbach  chief-vball@outlook.com    phone: 785-776-1447