About Ignite Middle School

Ignite Middle School will have one group of students, grade 6-8 with no more than 12 students in the class.  Three subjects will be offered each Friday morning.  Classes are tentatively planned to be 12 weeks long each semester and we intend to start with the classes Mental Math (DVD based), a Literature Study, and and a science class using kits by Academy of Science for Kids.  If the students complete the class requirements before the co-op day is finished, we will also plan to have some group games/activities that would fill a PE requirement.

Middle School classes will be facilitated by no fewer than two adults at all times.  Parents whose children are participating in the middle school class will be asked to volunteer at least twelve days out of the year in some capacity in either the elementary or middle school areas. Board members are always available on-site to assist with students, materials, and any other needs.  Teachers will be reimbursed for the copies and supplies they use, and all student materials such as books and lab supplies will be included in the co-op registration fee.

 Nursery and preschool are available every Friday for the children of moms who are volunteering.  Nursery serves infants to age two, and preschool is designed for ages three up until children enter kindergarten.  We design our nursery and preschool to provide a low child-to-volunteer ratio and a positive experience for our youngest IGNITE members.

If you have questions about IGNITE Middle School, please contact Trisha Kvasnica at 620-794-6220 or atkvasnica@gmail.com.