About Ignite Elementary

IGNITE Elementary begins each co-op day with a morning meeting and prayer in the sanctuary. Students sit in their age groups: K-1, 2-3, 4-5.  Each group is then dismissed to attend the first class rotation.

Three classes are offered each Friday, and each age group attends them all.  For example, the K-1 group might first go to art class, then rotate to PE, and then finally end the day with cooking class.  Each class lasts about 50 minutes. 

We offer four different six-week blocks of classes throughout the co-op year, with PE offered every week.  Class selections for 2014-2015 will depend on what our moms are interested in lead teaching. 

Each class is taught by a lead teacher and an assistant teacher.  Board members are always available on-site to assist with students, materials, and any other needs.  We encourage lead and assistant teachers to work together in planning and implementing co-op classes.  Teachers will be reimbursed for the copies and supplies they use. 

Nursery and preschool are available every Friday for the children of moms who are volunteering.  Nursery serves infants to age two, and preschool is designed for ages three up until children enter kindergarten.  We design our nursery and preschool to provide a low child-to-volunteer ratio and a positive experience for our youngest IGNITE members.

Should you have questions about IGNITE Elementary, please contact Shawn Allman at  785-410-7624 or via email at shawn@fotoboy.net.